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Kitchen Karma: Going Bold

Darlene Molnar infuses a once-stodgy kitchen with a bold, youthful edge By Julie Sanders | Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg A dull, traditional kitchen in a Craftsman-style house in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood was a poor match for its owners, a young couple with vibrant, modern tastes. They contacted Darlene Molnar to give their abode a facelift, starting with the kitchen. “They wanted to ...
Moss-covered CityTree bench designed to combat urban pollution

Moss-covered CityTree bench designed to combat urban pollution

A mossy "living wall" with the pollution-absorbing power equivalent to hundreds of trees has been installed in London's Piccadilly Circus in a bid to combat the city's unsafe air quality levels. Designed by German startup Green City Solutions, the CityTree is billed by the company as the world's first intelligent biological air filter. It was created in response to research conducted by the startup, ...

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